Love Note Bottle

You Hold the Key to My Heart – Love Bottle

This gorgeous love note glass bottle is sure to melt the heart of your loved one. As a sweet reminder, the note says, ‘You hold the key to my heart’. Each bottle measures 20cm in height and the base measures 4cm in width. The base of the bottle holds white sand, a small rose bouquet decoration and a stalk of pampas grass. A portion of the bottle is wrapped in twine and has a unique, antique, brass miniature key threaded through. There is also some twine wrapped at the top of the bottle neck. On top of the corkscrew, there is a small, white pearly heart laying on my signature copper seal wax. Bottles are wrapped in bubble wrap, then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a label. Then placed into a bubble wrap postal envelope. Each order is processed with a unique key. No two keys are ever the same. Because there is only ONE key that unlocks each heart. *Price includes packaging and postage.